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Spanish holidays

And when we got home…

Our ‘garden’ welcomed us with our own vegetables…

welcome home

Monday 17th August to Friday 21 August

Somehow in the second week of our holidays, I was so much in a holiday mood, that I could no longer write regurarly. And the slow internet didn’t help much either…

So the highlights of the second week were:


We went to a wonderful restaurant by the see where we asked the waiter for recomendations on tapas and we got these beautiful, wonderful snacks, that we immediately fall in love with the whole idea of tapas. We liked it so much that we ordered some for dessert too!

And given that I liked bite-size food even before, since then before every dinner I was doing my own version of tapas (but I must admit – very much inspired by what we ate there). Some pictures below, a full post on my favorite inspirations by tapas to follow

tapas4 tapas1tapas3

tapas2 tapas1 tapas2peaches

Egg burgers (by Karl)

A very creative brunch menu…

tomato burgers


The figs in Spain were really amazing. I made fig tapas, added them to salads, made spicy fig chutney and made a fig tarte… I even managed to buy green figs, which were supposed to be sweeter than the black ones, not really, but were still very good anyway…

green figs black figs

fig tart3 fig tart2

Pappadron peppers

Looking through a very nice vegetable store I found a bag of small green peppers, and as they looked interesting and I didn’t know what they are, I obviously bought them :-). Then I searched for what they are and found out that they are called Pappadron and while most of them are not spicy, one in a dozen should be really spicy. So eating them is like a Russian roulette!

Fried in olive oil and salted they tasted really well. They also worked very nice as decoration for tapas. Unfortunately none of them turned out to be spicy! Too bad we didn’t have time to get another bag!

spicy peppers

Sunday 16th August

The birthday party! Ice cream cake for breakfast!

And this wonderfully set (by the kids) dinner table!


And, as I keep exploring the sea food counter at every store, tuna burgers with fig chutney:

tuna burgerSM

Saturday 15th August

was a really cool day, barely 27°C! So that was time for a very picturesque walk along the cliffs.

scary view SM house by the sea lighthouse2SM

Friday 14th August

Couteaux de mer – razor clams. I saw them in the store and I just could not resist trying them out!

In the white wine and garlic sauce, they turned out really well!

couteau de mer raw couteau de mer final

Thursday 13th August

The hottest day so far. 37°C!  Most of the day spent in the water again.

For breakfast we tried the brown sugar lemon tart that I made the previous day. As there is a lemon tree in the garden, we really had to do something with these lemons!

Recipe as good as I remembered it (not so good), and the limited utensils in the kitchen. That’s what the top chef competition should have as one of the challenges. Try whisking the egg with a fork and/or a wooden spoon!

But the kids loved it and my son asked to have one like this for his birthday. Or preferably two!

lemon tarteSM

The day was spent around the shade of the house and in the pool.

Karl made and served this wonderful mexican salsa. With all the cutting he needed to do, he claims that gaspacho is salsa for lazy people, electric blender instead of all the cutting. I very much see his point.

salsa new SM

And finally in the evening, when the temperature dropped to 34° we went to visit a hippie market. Someone had fun flipping through the music!

hippie market SM

We had company for dinner:


as we watched the beautiful sunset:


Wednesday 12th August

A visit to a local market.

A walk in the heat (with very nice views):

market1 market2

in order to see lots of ugly fish again!


And some beautiful fruit (pictures taken by Karl while I was picking the pieces to take home with us):

market4 market5 market6

And in the evening Karl invented ‘figs and pigs‘ which with the sweet figs from the marked worked really good!

figs and pigsSM

Then he felt like grilling again!

grilled fish1 grilled fish2 grilled fish3SM



Tuesday 11th August 2015

Sea food day!

calamari with mayaSM

Dinner at the pool.


And yet another splash in the water!

jump in the water1 jump in the water2 jump in the water3 splash in the water4

Grilled monkfish (probably the ugliest fish I ever had!


And grilled baby octopus with chorrizo:

calamari rawSM calamari2SM calamari3SM

Monday, 10th August 2015

Spain. 2 week holiday full of sun, and water and family. My recipes will probably be quite approximate and summery…

Mornings at the pool.

morning2SM morning3SM morning4SM

Morning coffee and melon while watching the kids splash…

mornign coffeeSM

Noons are so hot, spending time in the kitchen heating anything seems so wrong. Lunches must be then simple and cold.

Gaspacho shots from leftover salad

gaspacho shotSM

and balsamic onion carpaccio turned out really good!

balsamic onion carpacio

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