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Classic pancakes

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Another Sunday so yet another batch of pancakes! This time the classic recipe I grew up with. I actually do not remember ever looking up a recipe for these, neither did my mom ever look into a cooking book to check anything. Just by looking at the consistency of the butter, we can tell what to add!

Ingredients (for a big pile of pancakes, serves 4 hungry pancake lovers)

5 eggs

150ml of orange juice (it gives the pancakes a little bit of sweetness, and makes them a little bit lighter, can be substituted by milk)

400 ml milk + 150ml do add later if necessary

350g of flour


Mix the eggs, juice and 400ml of milk together. Add the flour. Mix it well to have a smooth, thick batter. Ideally leave in the fridge for the night. But if you don’t have time don’t worry.

Stir the batter and see whether it is not too thick. It probably is. Add some milk.

Heat the pan (I do 2 pans at the same time), when hot, spread some vegetable oil with silicone brush on it. Place a ladle of batter on the pan and lift the pan to the sides to let it cover as much surface of the pan as possible. The thinner the layer the better.

Observe the batter while you are doing the next pancakes, add more milk if necessary.

When you see that the surface has no liquid batter on it, flip the pancake and leave for a while on the other side.

Serve with what you like: strawberries, Nutella, sugar, peanut butter, sweet cream cheese or a mix of these.

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