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Burgers (by Karl)

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Traditional American burgers. They have nothing in common with the hamburgers you can get a fast-food chain, but the name.

It’s one of those meals that everyone in our family is happy for. Certainly the fact that you can build your own burger as you like it helps a lot. And Karl gets to play with open fire like a little boy (so called grilling)!

hamburgers on grillIngredients / Directions

Ground meat, preferably beef, can be a mix of beef and pork, spiced with salt and pepper and formed into hamburgers.

Grill on both sides until done.

Then build your own adding a grilled bun and all or any of the following:

hamburger sides

  • Mustard / ketchup / mayonnaise
  • Tomatoes (I use cherry tomatoes, they have much more flavor)
  • Lettuce
  • Onion circles
  • Small pickles (again, much more taste than dill pickles)
  • Extra mature cheddar

Serve with french fries and barbecue baked beans.

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