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Mini pizzas

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Mini pizza’s are one of my specialties. Now that I wrote that I realize that I like all the mini-bite-size thingies that serve as amuse-bouche or starters. The little things that we stand around the kitchen and eat while waiting for the main course to spend its time in the oven.

I think if I would ever work in a restaurant, I would be in charge of the starters! Whenever I plan a meal I have many ideas for the starters, and so many doubts as to the main course. I once just served 5 starters and no main course. Why follow the rules when I can make my own? And I think everyone was happy anyhow.

Mini pizza’s are a simple and quick starter, or snack that I am always ready to serve. I usually keep some ready to use (bought!) pizza dough in the fridge just in case some friends would come over and would stay for tea-time. Or in case my idea for dinner would not be big enough as a stand-alone meal. Or in case I would like to serve my lover something fancy to go with a glass of prosecco.

I cut them to nice circles today, but usually I am too lazy for that, and we end up having squares or rectangles. Then works just as well.

Depending on what I find in the fridge, this is what might end up on a mini pizza:

  • Oignon confit (which is a fancy French name for onion jelly) and goat cheese
  • Green pesto, marinated red peppers  (hot or not) and mozzarella
  • Harrissa and mozzarella
  • Tomato sauce and comet, emmentaler or any similar cheese I happen to find in my fridge – and that always works for kids!

I put it into a very hot oven, preferably on a heated pan and bake for 10-15 minutes depending on the size, how wet the ingredients were and how hot the oven is.

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