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No – knead bread

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If you think that making bread is complicated, fear no more. I long lived with that wrong idea in my mind, that yes, I can do it, but it will be long, complicated and require a lot of kneading and so it is just so much easier to go to a bakery and get some fresh bread.

Well, most of the time it is. Unless you live in a place where the bread standard is set high (what can compare to a genuine French baguette?), but the local bakery is closed on Sunday? And on that same Sunday you are throwing a party, serving lots of sauces that just love the bread to be dipped in it and cheese which is just so much better with bread? Or if you go on holidays to Provence, rent a house with a beautiful view and a fig tree, but it takes 20 minutes one way to get to the closest bakery?

So it turns out, there is a fantastic recipe for a crusty, fluffy bread, which at the same time is very easy and requires NO kneading. It does however require some planning because you need to let the yeast work for several hours. So unfortunately it is not a quick fix if you forgot to buy bread for your next meal, but it certainly is an easy fix if you plan ahead!

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