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Prawns swimming in lemongrass, ginger and coconut milk

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The star of this dish is the ginger. It gives the sauce this spicy (but not hot) flavour, slightly then lightened by the lemongrass and coconut milk, which in the end beautifully marries with crispy shrimp.

It can be an appetizer, or a main dish (depending how many prawns you want to serve per person), but in any case you need something to enjoy the sauce: bread or rice or pasta. Because the sauce is pretty delicious. It’s one of those dishes where you dip the last piece of bread to make sure to soak every drop of the sauce, or you just lick the bowl…

If you add more coconut milk, you can make it into a soup.

If you do not have lemongrass, no big deal, you can add a few drops of lemon to replace it, or just do without. But fresh ginger is a must.


Recipe (or the main idea) is from Saveurs magazine, where I get a lot of my inspirations.

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