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The name sounds so Italian. But don’t be mistaken. They are British! And whatever you would want to say about British cuisine, the famous beef in mint sauce, please take it back! This is a perfect example of a wonderful thing coming from this rainy island! Now imagine the English queen having them at tea-time. Oh, so fancy!

And (once again) they are fairly easy and quick to make, and I find it more convenient (and just as quick) to make a pan of scones, than going to the closest (good) bakery for fresh breakfast bread. But I guess it depends on where you live and how picky you are about what the local baker is offering…

Make sure you only bake what you can eat the same day, they are no good the next day.

Traditional scones are made with baking powder. I sometimes replace it with powder yeast, and let them rise a bit before baking. They don’t rise as much as on baking powder and I guess they are no longer scones if I do that, but I sometimes prefer the dense yeast cake than baking powder one. Especially for breakfast.


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