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Sour dough bread

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My kids wanted a pet. A dog or a cat. I said no. Then they asked for anything else: rabbit, guinea pig, fish. No, no, no. Then I brought a pet home. Sour dough. They were disappointed, to say the least. But sour dough was just as much as I could handle in terms of taking care of. Make bread once per week or if not feed it every few days. Then we went on long holidays, and it died… Well, I knew we should not get a pet!

So when came the times of #stay home and we only go out shopping every 2 weeks and I am paranoid not to eat anything touched by another human being (at least recently), fresh bread is out of question. Seems many people had the same idea, because our supermarket has been our of yeast for a while. We still have some, but really sour dough bread is even better. I will save the yeast for pizza.

So here it is, super simple recipe. 4 ingredients (including water!) and patience, patience, patience – especially if you don’t have friends who can spare some sour dough starter. But if you every want to start making sour dough bread, now is the time!

I made the bread with rye flour, I like it best like this. But it works just as well with normal wheat flour. Scroll down for a recipe for sour dough starter.


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