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What to do with 2 zucchinis?

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I got these 2 beautiful, home-garden grown zucchinis from Jij. Getting home-garden-grown vegetables and fruit is I think the best present for me. I always find it amazing what wonderful stuff grows in home gardens. I have this dream of having a real garden myself one day. I would have to move to a more sunny place because I would love to have lemon trees…

Anyway, I had those 2 beautiful zucchinis, and I was wondering what to with them? Zucchinis have little taste, but on the other hand, there is so many possibilities of using them. They can go into a sauce, you can stuff them, make chips…

In the end I went for baked parmesan zucchini sticks and zucchini-cashew roll ups (which are in fact vegan! a change to most of my dishes which usually have some kind of cheese…).  Both turned up really good, especially for someone who likes zucchini like me! And don’t be skeptical about the cashews, soaked in water they become soft and mixed turn out into a cheese paste.

Serve as appetizer, or add lettuce and fresh bread and make it into a full dish.

baked zucchinis

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