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Asparagus and eggs salad

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An impromptu (late) dinner for 4, on a sunny May evening.

I usually have an idea of what we will have for dinner no later than during the afternoon. Not today…

So, a look around the fridge, which is luckily full of spring veggies, and here is what’s on the menu:

  • Eggs and asparagus salad (eggs boiled 8 minutes, so not hard yet), asparagus peeled and cooked for a few minutes 2, sprinkle some balsamic cream and some vinaigrette
  • The wonderful surprise salad
  • The mushroom pizzas
  • Some extra mature cheddar and some French goat cheese (ok, all the veggies didn’t really fill us up)
  • And half a bottle of cider

A wonderful evening!

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