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Baked stuffed red peppers

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I was once served something like this by a friend, who’s cuisine has a lot of influences from Greece. Or should I say who’s cuisine is mainly Greek, even if originally he comes from a much colder country.

First, I tried to cut off the tail of the peppers and stuff them through a small hole at it’s larger end. This was painful, although doable. Then I was cutting them in halves making 2 small tubes, that worked best when I baked them in a silicone muffin pan so that the cheese would not spill out too much.

Finally I went for the easy option and now I just cut them along and fill out like long bowls. Looks just as nice, tastes the same and makes the exercise so much easier!

This is an excellent side dish for any meat, especially meat with sauce. Perfect with rabbit in mustard sauce (recipe coming soon). Not bad also with a salad or a stand alone dish.


Peppers, long, sweet – not the spicy ones

Feta and just as much (in volume) of something to dilute the salty taste of feta. Ricotta is best, but quark, faiselle, white cheese (twarog) or even natural yoghurt will do as well

Menthe or any other spices you like or have handy.


Mash the feta with a fork. Mix with the other cheese you chose. Add chopped menthe.

Cut the peppers alongside to create 2 bowls from each. Fill them out with the cheese, place on a pan covered with baking paper. Sprinkle some olive oil on them.

Bake around 15 minutes depending on the temperature of what else you have in the oven (180-220˚C).

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