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Cinnamon buns

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First of all, unlike most of my posts, this is not a recipe to use on a weekday evening, when you want to put together something quick, while waiting for your guests to arrive. It’s not difficult, but a cake made with yeast needs time to rise. I often heard people saying that yeast cake is so difficult to make and really, no bother, it will end up flat and not at all as it should be. Actually, I think I heard it only from Polish, we must be having some special complex on this or something!

So once again, making a cake with real yeast is not difficult, provided you follow these simple rules:

  • Don’t soak the yeast with hot milk (or they may end up dead)
  • Let your mixer prove why you paid for it so much – let it work the dough thoroughly (or you can do it by hand, it’s possible, my grandmother Bronka used to say that you need to work it long enough for the walls to start to sweat (I am sure you will notice when it happens), I however prefer to use the electric mixer…)
  • Give the dough lots of time to rise at room temperature

And results are guaranteed!

So having some free time around Christmas, this is something you can do. And serve it, the American way, for breakfast on Christmas Day, to eat while opening the presents (unless according to the Polish tradition, all the gifts were already distributed on the Christmas Eve).

single cinnamon bun4


cinnamon buns1

cinnamon buns2

cinnamon buns3


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