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Fig tart with honey on olive oil crust

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This post could start as ‘go to Provence, rent a house with a fig tree perfectly in the middle of ripe fig season, then go look for a local, bio, forest honey and local, very mild olive oil…’, as this is exactly what we did, even if making the fig tart was not necessarily our major goal. Exploring the local produce in Provence definitely was, and so far we were not disappointed. The fig tree (and a pomegranate bush) that came with our rental house were just an extra that just made us love the place even more… But I am sure this recipe can be used with other seasonal ripe fruit instead of figs and any high quality honey (even if right now I tend to think that honey of Provence is the best ever…).

The crust uses olive oil instead of butter, there is also no egg, so cake is actually vegan! Make sure to use a mild olive oil. Most of oils purchased in supermarkets are actually mild, but if you would get a stronger, richer variety, it may come out too strong in the cake.

The amount of dough in the recipe is for a small tart pan, if you have a larger one you may add +30% of all the ingredients.

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