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Four cheese risotto

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I remember when I had this risotto for the first time. It was at Marzena’s. She had this thick, elegant book of Italian recipes and she followed them carefully. The risotto was a masterpiece. At that time I was just a beginner in cooking so I was just hopped ing that soon Marzena will invite me over again and serve this cheesy and flavourfull diIsh again…

Some time later, I tried it myself, and some time after that, I no longer need to look at the recipe.  I eperiment with different cheeses. I actually usually use any left-over, old cheeses that no one is interested in anymore… Gorgonzola is a must and I usually add comté but the rest is just freestyle…

Oh, and it was one of the first dishes I served to Karl. As they say, the shortest route to the man’s heart leads through his stomach….

It’s now our ultimate comfort food, a perfect end to a long day, especially if it is a cold one. And despite last week’s sweltering heat, today was again very much a risotto day.

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