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Oatmeal on almond milk

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Simple and super healthy breakfast, that will give you energy to face the day. Hmm, that sounds like a slogan from a TV commercial.

Well, I am usually not hungry in the morning, and coffee is all that I need, even though I know that breakfasts are healthy and it’s the most important meal of the day and blah, blah, blah.  But after I really wake up, this is a perfect morning meal.

almond oatmeal3

It is very easy to make, has the super-healthy oats, and almond milk, which is low on calories but somehow sweet (so no sugar added) and some olive oil to make sure I am not going to get hungry again very soon (and give me all the good stuff that is in the olive oil that everyone knows). Strawberries, maybe not so healthy (how healthy can they be in April?) – hard to believe they were grown somewhere under the sun, but still, I like them in my oatmeal. Almond slices on the top add additional texture (and are super healthy again!).

And all this, despite being so healthy, is really good!

almont oatmeal1

almond oatmeal5

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