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Ravioli with ricotta, beets and poppy seed butter

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I first tried these on the way to a skiing holiday, when we stopped for the night at a small hotel in Switzerland. Hotel – Ristorante Baldi. The hotel was ok, clean and close to the motorway, so it was really all that we needed at that time. The fact that it was family-run gave it a special homy feeling and we very much felt welcome.

The food was amazing! Home made pasta was  the best pasta I ever had. Ordering was difficult because the menu was in Italian and the owners didn’t speak much English and we don’t speak Italian at all, so in some cases they brought the products from the kitchen to show us what they are talking about, but even with this we were not absolutely sure of what we will get. Karl took a risk of ordering ravioli with ricotta and beets, even though beets are not at all his thing, he must have been feeling brave that evening. And they were just awesome. The creamy ricotta and a slight taste of beets and the texture of poppy seed was a perfect combination.


Actually I am surprised that the blend of ricotta (or any white cheese) and beets has never been a filling to Polish pierogi, after all, beets, white cheese and poppy seeds are very much used in Polish cuisine. But well, apparently Polish were not as creative?

Anyway, I liked the ravioli so much, that I decided to learn how to make these at home, including learning how to make ravioli. It takes time, but if you have the pasta rolling machine – it’s actually easy and a lot of fun.



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