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Oatmeal raspberry muffins (porridge to go)

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Weekday breakfasts are a big challenge for me. For one, I am usually not awake. Then I always have less time than I need, so I am in a hurry. And I checked, getting up earlier does not help – it just makes me move slower. And thirdly, in the morning my kids are not the very cheerful or understanding. So I keep looking for something that would let me feed them something quick and healthy.

I don’t believe in breakfast cereal, I keep thinking it’s too processed and has too much sugar and who knows what else. I do believe in porridge, except that I didn’t teach the kids eat it when they were very little and now there is no way that they would chose porridge over cinnie-minnies.

However, my kids love muffins. That’s actually something that can get my son out of bed, or at least out of bed quicker than usually. So here is a recipe for a porridge to go, which looks and tastes like a muffin (really!). No flour (so no gluten) and no refined sugar (only honey and natural sweetness of the bananas). And it’s extremely easy. Making a batch in the evening takes me less than 10 minutes, then I just have to watch out not to fall asleep while they are in the oven. And serving it in the morning is something I can easily deal with no matter how sleepy I am.

Raspberries can be replaced with other berries or apples and cinnamon, or nuts, or whatever else you like in your porridge.

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