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Ratatouille is the star dish in a kids movie about a very talented rat, who becomes a chef. In the movie, a famous food critique remembers his mom’s ratatouille and appreciates the classic French dish prepared from whatever veggies were found in the kitchen that day. This is exactly what it is – whatever summer veggies you find, bring them in, cook together for a while and just appreciate the natural sweetness of whatever you found in your fridge. Well, ok, not all veggies. No beets,  no carrots and no broccoli! But to explain how popular that dish is – in my local app for the local (French) supermarket, there is a whole vegetable section dedicated to ratatouille vegetables!

And it’s tasty and healthy! And easy – the list of ingredients is indicative, if you have more of something and less of something, if you want to skip onions or eggplant it is still ok…






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