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Stuffed aubergines

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Sometimes best dishes don’t come from detailed planning and researching the best recipe or buying specific ingredients for one special dish. Sometimes it is the quick dinner from leftovers that turns out to be a perfect mix of tastes and flavors.

This recipe is an example of such a dish. 2 aubergines, leftover lasagne sauce and comté, cheese. The baked aubergine became creamy and worked perfectly with the sauce which I spiced up a bit.

It was not my intention to do a no-carb lasagne  but in the end it kind of turned out to be like one. I know you might have tried the ‘I-can’t-believe-this-pizza-has-no-carbs’ based on cauliflower crust so you might be very skeptical when I say no-carb lasagne but really, this one is amazingly close to a real one!

And, as  often with my recipes, very easy!



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