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Vienna style egg (egg in a glass)

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It’s my take on a breakfast treat that my grandma (Babcia Zosia) was making for me when I was little. Since then, soft boiled eggs with a toast are my comfort food… Later on I discovered that she was making a simplified version of what is called ‘Vienna style eggs’. I know where I got my liking to simplifying recipes! As a kid I did spend a lot of time watching her and helping her in the kitchen and I consider these occasions to be among the happiest times in my childhood. She had lots of patience for me and a drive to accommodate whatever my needs or wishes were. Or whatever she considered to be good for me. And accommodating needs and wishes in communist Poland was not an easy task. Egg is a glass was a dish prepared with love, and so stayed with me until now.

Traditional ‘Vienna style eggs’ are cooked in a bowl over boiling water. That seems way too complicated. My grandmother cooked soft-boiled eggs, pealed them, added pieces of buttered toast and maggi sauce (!!!). Who would give maggi sauce to children now?  I reinvented the recipe replacing the maggi sauce with parmesan, so it’s both healthier and tastes better. I tend to skip the toast, but you don’t have to.

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