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Yogurt apple muffins with cinnamon

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‘Back to school’ or ‘la rentree’ as we call it here is a tough piece of cake (at least for me). Every day it turns out that the school supplies are wrong (the pencils should have been purple, not violet!, the lines in the notebooks are not the right one), or missing (why did you not get me yet the math book? because I only found out about it yesterday is not an acceptable answer…)

So anyway, all this introduction as an excuse for not posting much recently!

But, ‘back to school’ means also yet another celebration of my daughter birthday (it turns out that the celebration on the actual birthday does not count as all her friends were not there, right?), including a very typical request: Mom, I agreed with my teacher that I would bring a birthday cake to school tomorrow, what are you going to prepare? Tonight?

Hmm, yogurt muffins is an easy answer to this one. So easy and quick that even after a long day of work and buying more school supplies can be done. It’s actually a variation of the yogurt rhubarb muffins, as you can make these with any fruit (or even without).

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