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This is a perfect (and very simple) dish for a cold evening meal, so it is now the perfect season! Our family loves it, both at home and during skiing trips. There is nothing better than a bowl of hot chilli after a day of skiing! It is still a few weeks until we go skiing,  but as the temperatures have dropped recently, we can at least enjoy the chilli!

It is also one of the first things Karl and I cooked together, communicating without words (almost). Some day in our early days we got home after a run. Karl was the first one to head into the shower, while I started dinner (chilli it was). I was only half done prepping the ingredients by the time he got out of the bathroom. It was my turn, so I just told him ‘we are making chilli’ and left him there. By the time I was out of the bathroom the chilli was slowly cooking and it looked exactly how I would have done it. Given that at that time we were together for just a short while and that we come from very different backgrounds (grew up on different continents to say the least!), I am always amazed at how well we got along in the kitchen (and outside the kitchen as well!).



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