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19 November, 2016

Pasta salad (the elegant way)

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Pasta salad is not may favorite dish. Cold pasta and some leftovers or canned vegetables does not sound exciting.

This is a different take (inspired by bcommebon blog recipe), more elegant, with a more developed taste. Sweet roasted peppers with a hint of sriracha and a perfectly cooked pacceri pasta make this a wonderful start of a meal. I might change my approach to pasta salad! And even though I did not use any leftovers, you actually could and I probably will at some stage!

While this is not one of the super-easy-and-quick ‘hacks’ for an impressive dish, it is still fairly easy. But it does take patience. Totally worth it. The recipe serves 3. If you want to do more, be careful not to cook too much pasta at the same time!



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