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The Sunday tradition at our house is either classic pancakes, American pancakes or waffles. One of these is a must, no matter what. We actually have 2 waffle irons at home now, so if there full family is there, we need to use both of them at the same time, in order to avoid fights at the table!

We have not yet done the Belgian waffles, which (I think) require yeast dough raising for some time in advance, but this is yet to come!

The styling of the waffle on the main picture is done by my son. He carefully placed a raspberry in every hole of the waffle. And then he went to get his camera to make a picture of his little piece of art. Just like his mom! The fork that you can see on the picture obviously turned out to be useless, he likes to eat anything just with his hands. I got however some wonderful shots of concentration while eating this beautiful waffle!




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