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Beetroot burgers

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I tried these wonderful burgers at Marcin and Christoph’s dinner party and I immediately asked for a recipe. They are surprisingly full of taste, a mix of vegetable goodness with carmelised onions and roasted seeds. They may look like hamburgers but they don’t taste like them, so I am not trying here to sell another product saying ‘hey I gave my family beetroot burgers and they didn’t even notice’, not at all. It’s vegan approach to food and it’s wonderful.

Beetroot burgers are amazing, even if you don’t like beetroot (like Karl), you may still ask for some more – they are that good. Plus, they have all the superfoods, not only the super beetroot but also millet and seeds. Plus, if you grate the beetroot by hand, it will be great for your biceps muscles!

The recipe comes from foodpornveganstyle.blogspot.lu and is only slightly modified.

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