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White asparagus soup

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I know people who like asparagus, but I had to go to Holland to see  that asparagus is almost a religion there (when in season). This is where I had an amazing, home made soup made by Ans (who is almost my some kind of distant family of mine). The soup was so wonderful that I keep hoping that Ans will invite me to her place again to let me devour this rare specialty of hers. And maybe the peanut sauce too, but that’s a different story.

This is a very different take on the traditional soup, using vegetable (oatmeal) ‘milk’, which I discovered recently and which works perfect with cream soups. My take on the soup includes several ingredients bringing additional flavors (hazelnut oil, young garlic, parsley), but the simple version without them will also be great. Just as long as you are using fresh asparagus, this soup is always a success.

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