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25 March, 2018

7 hour lamb

7 hour lamb
Posted in : Main Dish on by : Maya
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This French, ‘slow cooker type’ recipe brings out the unique flavor of lamb, arriving at the end of the cooking process at a piece of meat that literally falls apart. It is super simple, although takes certain planning, because it should spend in the oven minimum 7 hours, but I often do it for 12
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10 July, 2016

Roasted peaches with chorizo

Roasted peaches with chorizo
Posted in : Appetisers on by : Maya
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And again chorizo, this time with juicy, sweet peaches. A wonderful summer snack (yes, we finally have summer here!). The sweetness of the peach and the spicy chorizo work really well! And perfectly easy to prepare. A sister recipe to gorgonzola peaches, can just as well be served together.